Who We Are?

  • Vidya speaks volumes
  • Vidya breathes on equal space for Dead and Alive at one time
  • Vidya was conceived out of Million of Thoughts.
  • Vidya grow with few convictions
    • To serve is beautiful but only if it’s done with joy & whole heart & free mind-Vidya
    • When Action meets compassion lives change-Vidya
    • Vidya’s action may not always bring happiness but there is no happiness without Action also

As we all are partners of Vidya always nourish millions of wild dreams to reach out ,our People, Our Planate, Our Water, Our Earth. So there is always a start and start which virtually neither ends nor stops

One’s life all blossomed when he or she become an achiever as a starter.

Loved Vidya just Eleven years old which seek your support /your strong hands to walk with //to run // to jump on the right side of the road to reach the un-reach.

Vidya foundation runs & maintains a shelter home for socially deprived children as named as AMA GHARA registered and approved by Government of Odisha under JJAct 2015. It is a voluntary non-profit organization that has been working in all backward Sectors of Odisha .

Odisha has been always affected by Cyclone/Flood & Draught and Poverty.Nature has it’s fury which mostly effect the poor or lesser privileged and society in the space of flood /cyclone. Children are worst effected by loosing their near and dear , their flow of study & growth. For these children, who have lost their ways & means , those lost their parents, and abandoned on the streets by time , not taken care by the better one.Vidya try to give them their due of love & care ,make sure they aren’t deprived of basic amenities.

Therefore, we join hands today and vouch our sweat towards a cause, that is, to be capable enough of providing the basic needs of these children, who are currently residing in the house and looking up to us to save them from the world they lived in – a cruel one – and to hold them, hand in hand, and to guide them to a future, where they would be skillful, knowledgeable, confident, with a heart beaming with love.

We intend to make their house, their home as colorful as possible. We intend to turn their lives around into something positive. Most importantly though, we want them to hope. For, we live, it is the very essence of childhood that pushes a child to achieve their dreams. And, we want them to achieve their dreams, just like any other child in this world.

  • To focus on children and women(Mother and Girl child).
  • Create atmosphere for integrated valued life for human being and Nature as well
  • Nature and Life go together .We can’t simply afford to ignore our Nature but stay safe /enjoy a healthy life .For everything a healthy mind is must Vidya is on the road with a missionary jeal to create the Canvas.
  • To reduce unemployment and create Sustainable livelihood for unemployed youth
Our Vison is to create a society where the rights of every women is respected and Child are taken care and all are treated as full human beings,access to their potential in a caring and empathetic world where the voices and contributions of every women and child are amplified.
We are helping to transform lives of millions of people through our social initiative and welfare activities.
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